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Raising Cancer Awareness: Mindy Gray & the Basser Research Center for BRCA

By Emily Frances

emily-francesMindy Gray is a dear friend of mine from college. We both went to the University of Pennsylvania. In fact, Mindy met her husband, Jon, in English class their senior year, fell in love got married, and have four beautiful daughters.

Being late to the parenting game, I have always looked up to Mindy as a role model, and I want to be the kind of mother to Rafi and Coby that she is to her girls.

Mindy can literally do-it-all. Her commitment to cancer-related causes is inspirational. Ever since she lost her beloved sister, Faith, to ovarian cancer, she hasn’t missed a beat and has become involved in, and is now on, the Executive Board of the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund.

Last year, Mindy and her husband made headlines when they donated a significant amount of money to our Alma Mater to start a Basser Research Center for BRCA at the University of Pennsylvania’s Abramson Cancer Center.

In this video, “From Heartbreak to Hope: The Basser Research Center for BRCA, a Dream is Realized,” Mindy, her husband, Jon, and her family talk about the devastation of losing a loved one to cancer from an inherited BRCA gene when it could have been prevented.

The Basser Center stands as the first comprehensive BRCA-focused institution in the world, and it’s committed to funding cutting-edge scientific research and supporting BRCA-positive individuals and their families. The goal of the Penn staff is to look at what is possible in the prevention, early detection and cure of deadly breast and ovarian cancer from the genetic BRCA gene.

During the 2013 Jewish High Holidays, the Basser Research Center for BRCA started a life-saving initiative to raise awareness about hereditary breast and ovarian cancers on the road and in synagogues across the country. Last month, more than 1,500 Jewish congregations from coast-to-coast received a package containing eye-catching informational posters to hang throughout their congregation and fact sheets with details on the cancer-risk BRCA1 and BRCA2 gene mutations – which disproportionately impact the Jewish community (for more information on this initiative, click here).

Please follow this link to watch the video of the first symposium hosted by the Basser Research Center for BRCA, “Knowing Saves Lives,” at Central Synagogue in New York City, hosted by Barbara Walters.

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  • Amy Byer Shainman

    The Basser Center is HOPE for future generations. It will make a difference.

  • Kate Berges

    well put….yes, so
    inspirational and hopeful!